marketing class 6660935 2

Case 2


Ever since the financial crisis of 2008/2009 banks and others lenders have been skeptical about lending money due to the uncertainty of consumers paying back the loans.  Gen Y-or the Millennial’s-are the primary victims of the financial crisis and the following economic decisions made by government and financial institutions following the “Great Recession” didn’t help this generation either.  Now as the economy is starting to get a little better (don’t count it as being back just yet!), Millennial’s are starting to get married, getting careers and growing up!  You are a marketer for a major financial institution and have just read an article on the relationship between millennials and their money.  Now it is your task to turn the economy around by marketing to the Millennial’s


After clicking on the below link and reading the article, please answer the following questions:


Millennial’s and Banking


1.   Do you think that the views expressed here for this generation would also be similar across other industries (other than banking)?


2.   Using the information from Chapters 4 and 5, the above article and your general knowledge, develop a segment profile (a description of the segment and their needs) for the Millennials. 


Remember…two pages total.



Case #2 is due on 10/19/15 

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