Literature Richard McGuire’s Here- Creative Work

-5-15-pages of original reconstruction of McGuire’s Here-400-750-word synopsis-150-200 word abstractReconstruct the narrative of Richard McGuire’s Here by photocopying or scanning at ~5-15-pages from the text and rearranging them in a particular sequence(5 random pages are already attached,use them.) Use white out (or a digital editing platform like Adobe) to write in your own dialogue(If you want you can keep the same dialogues) Final proofs can be handed in as either color hard copies or digital files. Follow your reconstruction with a 400-750-word synopsis, framing various differences between McGuire’s version and your own by using key terms(Introduction to Narrative by H.Abbot) explored in class this summer. The theme should be based on ”birds” and their environmental exposure due to human settlement. The panels in the pages are all located in the same house in different years. You may change the speech bubbles and years in the pictures(during the reconstruction process).Note: Reference the book “Introduction to Narrative By Abbot”. Use key terms with page numbers and include them in the synopsis.

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