lab 4 2

1.Discuss any two environmental concerns of having mercury pollution in the air, soils, and surface water.

2.Discuss any two reasons why Los Angeles has smog problems (Hint: one anthropogenic and one topographic). List at least two references.

3.Discuss at least two policies that you would seek to implement to reduce the impact of indoor air pollution on the human health in your community.

4.If you have a furnace, it could release carbon monoxide. The risk is relatively low because you have it checked every fall, however to remediate the risk entirely, you would need to purchase a carbon monoxide detector

  • Complete the lab report exercises in MS Word format.
  • Provide detailed answers to Exercises 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  • You must have a cover page with your name, course name, date, iLab number, and title.
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