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Assignment 3: Course Project—Introduction Paragraph

For the course project, you will write a five-paragraph essay on a chosen topic presenting an informed, cohesive opinion.

In M1: Assignment 3, you selected your topic and in M2: Assignment 1, you developed a thesis statement for your essay. Now you will write your introduction.

Your opening paragraph (introduction) is crucial because it will end with your thesis statement. It will include other information that will gain your reader’s interest and guide your reader through the paper. Use your opening paragraph to introduce your topic.

To get the reader’s interest, you can include the following attention-grabbing technique at the start of the introductory paragraph:

  • An interesting story or anecdote
  • A controversial question
  • A startling fact or statistic
  • A quotation
  • A little-known fact, myth, or misconception
  • Questions arising from your thesis that you want to answer

Write the introductory paragraph for your essay. Be sure to include the following in your paragraph:

  • Begin with an attention-grabbing technique
  • Provide any necessary background information
  • End with the thesis statement
  • Use proper grammar and spelling

Write a 6–8-sentence introductory paragraph in Microsoft Word format. Use the following file naming convention:


  • Topic I Chose
  • What are the qualities of an ideal businesswoman or businessman? What characteristics enable someone to succeed in the field of business as opposed to the qualities needed in other fields?


Discussion- Thesis Statement


Most businesses in America collapse after a short period of time from the time of their start up.


My career is a business person and i have been in the field of business for a period of 20years. For the period that I have been in business, I have acquired enough experience pertaining what is required to sustain a business. It gets quite fascinating for me to study why many businesses collapse at a tender age.


Becoming a successful business man or woman is quite tricky and requires excess patient. Not all people who get interested in becoming entrepreneurs make it to the final point. For one to be successful, he should possess certain characters that are different from other professionals. For starters, one needs to be quite ambitious. When one needs to keep the business moving, he/she should ensure that the focus remains on business. Multitasking is not encouraged when it comes to operating a business. This is because, business requires attention and if one loses it; he might end up losing what is essential, as well. One should focus on making profit, attracting and maintaining customers.


Persistence is an essential aspect when it comes to operating a business. If one starts a business on selling electronics, he should consider maintaining that. This is because; being persistent on providing particular products makes consumers identify one with the products. Every business has got a high and a low season and shifting often makes one loose a sense of belonging. Being persistent enables one to make profit even on low seasons because of identity.


Innovation is another key issue for one to become successful in the business world. It is quite obvious that the business one opens is in existence somewhere else probably within the locality. However, being innovative is what makes one survive in the field. For instance, if one opens a business of a beauty parlor, he should provide customers with unique services that do not exist in other parlous such as giving free beauty magazines to consistent customers. Being pessimistic when it comes to business is not healthy. Business persons need to be highly confident in what they plan to do. Confidence involves being ready to take risks. Anyone who is not a risk taker survives in the field of business because every aspect in business has got a negative side. One should remain focused and should not fear embracing emerging trend.


A successful business person is one who is ready to learn all the time. Business world is full of tricks and one need to be ready to learn all. When one is in business, mistakes are likely to be made, and one should take the opportunity and learn from them. Again one should lean from the mistakes of others in order to avoid obvious pitfalls. Mistakes should not be the only thing to be learned but also career tips and successful ideas from fellow business people. This way, one will be in a position to overcome a challenge whenever it appears.


People are extremely influential in business. This is because, the you assist in decision making and problem solving. Aspiring entrepreneurs must understand that being people oriented in business is quite essential. People also do provide relevant feedback for the business. An entrepreneur should again be goal oriented. Business person should work to attain the goals set.

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