data sets and graphs

1. Using your link for the national average of gas you found in Unit 1 (, state the average prices of gas for each month, for the last year that full data exists (for instance, if you are working this Assignment in October of 2013, you would use January 2012 – December 2012 as that is the last full year with data).


2. Find the mean of your data set in question 1.


3. Find the median of your data set in question 1.


4. Find the standard deviation of your data set in question 1. You may use Microsoft Excel to compute the standard deviation.

Note: If you use Microsoft Excel to compute the standard deviation, show for your work the formula that you entered into Microsoft Excel, and then the answer Microsoft Excel gave you.


5. Create a histogram or bar graph of your data set in question 1. Post your graph below.



6. Find a circle graph or bar graph online and post the graph below, then state what the graph is supposed to convey. What is the purpose of the graph? Does it convey, in your opinion, its intended message? Why or why not?


Essay Question

7. Statistics are often used in misleading ways. Using the internet, find an example of a statistic that you feel is misleading. Write an essay below where you state what the statistic is, what it is supposed to be measuring or representing, and why you think it is misleading. Is there a way to improve the statistic so that it is no longer misleading? Suggest some plausible ideas for improvement.



·         Write the essay in this document – Please, do not save it in a separate file.

·         Clearly state your position with well-structured paragraphs using proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

·         This is not an “opinion” question – Please, offer evidence to support your position, using properly cited sources.

·         Your answer has to be between ¾-1 page in length.


·         You must cite and reference at least one source (book, website, periodical) using APA format. The required website counts as one source.



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