week7 0

This is the second research task assignment listed in your schedule is to be completed this week whereby you are required to access the globalEDGE™ websitehttp://globaledge.msu.edu (or any other reliable source) to obtain the relevant information needed to answer the questions asked in Exercises 1 and  2 on page 638. You are required to answer both questions in a Word Document as an APA compliant essay. The essay must have an introduction, demonstrate analysis and conclusions. Incorporate your course learning in your comments. To simply present a list of countries will not meet the requirement for this assignment.

This assignment is worth 10% of your grade. Below are some instructions to guide you. Please ensure that your name is on each assignment submitted. Remember the assignment must be submitted via Blackboard.

1. For this assignment, you will be answering the questions to Exercises 1 and 2 found on Page 638. 

2. Access globalEDGE™ on the internet.  The web address is:  http://globaledge.msu.edu

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