watch movie and do paper

2. Watch Wall Street (20th Century Fox, 1987, 125 minutes) — Answer the following questions in as much detail as possible. Include references to characters and situations in the movie as necessary. (Suggested length: 3-4 pages)

a. What are the ethical and legal issues depicted in the movie, Wall Street?

b. Describe Gordon Gekko’s and Bud Fox’ decision-making processes and identify the various factors and outside stakeholders who influenced those decisions. Which of these influences appears to have had the strongest impact?

c. Provide a brief update on the events depicted in the film. What consequences (penalties, costs, and public relations issues) did the company and principle characters ultimately suffer? What benefits did they gain?


• Must include an introductory paragraph with a brief synopsis of the movie.

• The body of the paper must include the following:
Three to four specific academic concepts in relation the questions from the movies as set out in the sample format above. Each concept must be addressed in the following way:

Reference an academic concept gleaned from classroom or reading experience during the course of this module. Use APA style as outlined in A Writer’s Reference to document all sources.

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