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Use the data set in the Problem Set Data document. The data is in Excel format. The first tab of the spreadsheet lists the data, and the second tab is a key to the labeling of the data. (Note: This is the same data set used for the exercises in Modules Six and Seven.)




  1. Use both number of previous math courses taken and phobia rating to predict scores on the stats quiz (method = enter in SPSS). Are both predictors contributing significantly to the regression model? How do you know?




    1. SPSS output:






  1. Results write-up in APA format, including the interpretation of test results:

    (see this link:







  1. Repeat the first exercise, adding mathquiz as a third predictor and provide the SPSS output. Is prevmath still a useful predictor? Explain. Write up the results in APA format, including the interpretation of test results.




a. SPSS output:






  1. APA write-up:



  2. Interpretation of adding math quiz scores to the regression model



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