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Discussion Best Practices

The Discussion is a great place to learn in an interactive environment, so be sure to participate actively in the weekly Discussion. By doing so, the entire class benefits from the Discussion and learning is significantly enhanced. You will need to respond substantially to at least two of your classmate’s posts. Please try to make your initial posts no later than Sunday night to give your classmates an opportunity to respond. You should also post throughout the week so that you can respond to any responses your classmates have made to your posts as well as participate in the Discussion. Be sure your post is grammatically correct, has been spell checked, and fully answers the question.


Describe three recent situations in which you were directly affected by poor product or service quality. What might have been the cause and how might statistical quality control help eliminate these situations?


Statistical quality control monitors the consistency of processes used to manufacture a product as designed. The goal is to keep processes under control. No matter how good or bad the design, statistical quality control can ensure that the product is being manufactured as designed and intended. It is important to remember that statistical quality control will not improve a poorly designed product’s reliability, but can be used to maintain the consistency of how the product is made. Examples poor product or service quality include product delivered late, product not performing per specifications, poor after sales customer service. 

The primary tool in controlling quality is the control chart, a graphical representation of certain descriptive statistics for specific quantitative measurements of the manufacturing process. These descriptive statistics are displayed in the control chart in comparison to their “in-control” sampling distributions. The comparison detects any unusual variation in the manufacturing process, which could indicate a problem with the process. Several different descriptive statistics can be used in control charts, and there are several different types of control charts that can test for different causes.

In this unit you will learn how to create and interpret process control charts, control charts for variables, and control charts for attributes. Each of these charts is used to help managers monitor and maintain the quality of products and processes.
Look forward to reviewing experiences with poor product or service quality and your discussion on how statistical quality control techniques can help in those scenarios. 


 With best wishes for week 9!  Thanks

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