understanding how align target customer markets specific promotional and communication strat


   A variety of communication channels also exist to promote the marketing campaign, wheather using traditional or new media. Even when a marketer is conidering traditional media elements such aas print advertising, pushing a customer to the brand’s website is important. Many customers will check the website to find out more about the brand.


Traditional media includes print, broadcast and out-of-home advertising ( billboards) channels. New media includes video, social media and online adverstising channels to help appeal to your customers’ purchase motivations. Research is key in understanding how the media matches your market. * Psitioning Statement * Criteria for Evaluating a Positioning Statement.


1.Name 1 customer target market (iPad) you believe your selected company (Apple) should focus on with its promotional Web and traditional efforts.


2. Discuss the following with your colleagues:


  •     What primary message would you highlight for your specific target market and why? How does it appeal to your target market?

    What is one online channel you would suggest and why?  * For example, would search engine marketing to be a consideration, social media sites, or traditional advertising options? How are these revelent to your target market?



  Discuss your choices and how they match your target market.



300-400 words with References.





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