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Background: Another element of descriptive writing often requires the use of dialogue you may recall through memories of conversations or events. There are three key ways to identify quoted material in dialogue.  You will practice each of these in this exercise.


Type your quotation and punctuation corrections in RED.


1. Well the instructor exclaimed I am simply in awe of the students’ narrative writing prowess.


2. With a shrug they replied what did you expect?


3. Is descriptive essay writing as challenging as narrative writing one student queried.


4.  I am like a Heinz ketchup bottle anticipating the final research project in this class Brian teased.


5. Does thinking about MLA documentation Sarah wondered have anyone else worried?


6. The rest of the class chorused simultaneously you’ll learn everything you need to know so don’t worry.


7. Brad interjected when that paper is done, the class will basically be over.


8. Very true Mrs. Yaun agreed and then I’ll post everyone’s A for the course.


9. When that time comes, we’ll all be ready to take another college English class the students sarcastically chided.


10. Mrs. Yaun mischievously asked do you want me to register you now?


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