taxation 35

Tax rate schedule attached


You are the tax manager at an account Office. To prepare the new staff for the upcoming tax season, you have decided to hold one-week training. Prepare a memo for the new tax staff explaining some of the common terms they will encounter during the upcoming tax season.

You page memo of 6 pages memo must discuss the following

1.       –Types of tax rate structure the U.S tax system apply.

2.       –Taxable in which the applicable tax rate is determined.

3.       –Ways in which the applicable tax rate is determined.

4.       –Tax liability, including how it is calculated using both the tax rate formula and the tax table.

5.       –Example of how to calculate the tax liability using the tax rate table and the tax rate formula for taxpayer with taxable income of $ 55,000. Filing status married filing jointly.

6.       –Discussion of marginal tax rate.


7.       –Discussion of average tax rate.

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