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from the attach book “SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE”. ( please see the attach book)

Problems 3.5 and 4.9.

3.5- Referring to Figure 3.4 , for each of the environments and interfaces illustrated,

(1) list the principal interactions between the environment and the

aircraft, (2) the nature of each interaction, and (3) describe how each affects

the system design.

4.9- Select one of the household appliances listed below:

  • automatic dishwasher
  • washing machine
  • television set
  • (a) State the functions that it performs during its operating cycle. Indicatethe primary medium (signals, data, material, or energy) involved in eachstep and the basic function that is performed on this medium.(b) For the selected appliance, describe the physical elements involved inthe implementation of each of the above functions.
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