support progress and motivation

Step 1: Search for articles

Perform an Internet search, or using the AU Library, locate two scholarly articles which examine specific ways that instructors can help keep their learners on track and successful in an online course. Look for open access academic articles in particular. Use the following site to get started with your search:

Education research global observatory. (

Step 2: Read the articles and write a summary

Read the articles and consider how you might integrate these techniques, ideas or theories in your own online course. Write a 3- to 4-page summary report detailing what the articles say about methods to ensure student success. Make sure to give proper attribution to sources using APA formatting. Include a link to your presentation in the report. If you are using PowerPoint for your presentation, simply upload the file along with your report.

Step 3: Create a slide presentation

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation describing student success in an online environment. The presentation can be made  PowerPoint  The presentation must include all of the following:

  • Overview of teacher and student responsibilities in the online environment.
  • Evaluation of the technical and organizational skills necessary for student success in online learning.
  • Evaluation of resources and tools that support student success in the online course.
  • Techniques and strategies you will be using to keep students moving ahead and on track in your course.
  • Detailed narration, notes or written text on each screen describing the above information.

Include specific examples and/or personal experiences to illuminate your description of the concepts you are presenting throughout.

You should synthesize what you learned from a minimum of three (3) scholarly sources with your original thought throughout your presentation. Use APA formatting for in-text citations and a References slide for all images as well as paraphrases, summaries, and quotes.
You should adhere to effective slide presentation design standards.

Step 4: Add presenter’s notes

If you use PowerPoint, these notes can be embedded within the presentation notes area. If you use Prezi or another tool that does not allow text information, please submit a document with your talking points or script for each slide of the presentation. You may also narrate your slides instead of providing a script.

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