reflection project



You will choose one artifact from your prior coursework to meet the objective of family and community building. As you look through your past learning experiences and coursework, you will find examples of community- and family-building artifacts in many courses. For example, the following projects may be appropriate for this unit:


  • CE101 Units 6 and 9 Projects

  • CE210 Unit 9 Project

  • CE215 Unit 7 Project

  • CE220 Units 6 and 9 Projects

  • CE240 Units 6 and 9 Projects

Once you have chosen your artifact, you will then write a 1-2 page reflection on this artifact. Your reflection must include a discussion of respecting the importance of individuality and cultural diversity of children and their families while building relationships.


When writing your reflection, think about the following:


  1. Your reflection is a description of what you have done, not what you will do.

  2. Connect your reflections to your artifact. Explain why you chose this artifact as a demonstration of the outcome of family and community building and respecting the importance of individual and cultural diversity.

  3. Discuss what you learned from the activity.

  4. Describe any improvements you could make after reflecting on your learning activity, and what you would still like to learn.

  5. Proofread your work: you should have no spelling or grammar errors, and you should use APA format.

You should use the template provided for your project. Be sure to delete any text in red and replace with your own work. While you are encouraged to integrate material from the course readings and discussions, make sure to paraphrase (don’t copy word-for-word!) and provide the sources for your content.

Your project should be 1-2 pages long, typed, double-spaced and in a 12-point font size (Arial or Times New Roman). You must include a title and reference page but this does not count in the 1-2 page guidelines.

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