quantitative methods and analysis intellpath week 3

Unit 3:

Unit 3

There are 3 steps to complete this task.

Step 1: Determine Knowledge (Complete this step by Wednesday)

  • Click on the intellipath icon in the Left Navigation Bar of your Classroom under the Course Work section to begin.
  • A landing page will appear, scroll down and Click on Start intellipath.
  • Choose Determine Knowledge from the Steps Tab on the left-side of your screen.

Step 2: Learning Path

  • Once you complete the Determine Knowledge follow the instructions to begin working on your Learning Path.
  • Your path will only consist of learning nodes that you need to work on and is individualized for you.
  • You will receive feedback as you work through your path.

Step 3: Practice & Revision

As you are working in your Learning Path you may need to spend additional time in specific areas to improve. You can do this by practicing and revising. Review this document. Click intellipath for intellipath Suggestions to help guide you on how to Practice and Revise to increase your Knowledge State.

How do I make the most out of the intellipath Experience?

Now that we are in Week 3 you may want to check that you have completed all of the assigned work in the intellipath up to this point. Check to see that you are at 100% complete for the assigned learning nodes up to this point. If you are and you still want to increase your Knowledge State you can do additional Practice exercises or Revise completed learning nodes.

SHOW ME THE NUMBERS!! Once you are halfway through your path, you can choose Show me the Numbers from Landing Page to review your status on your scores for the total Learning Map.

SHOW ME THE MAP!! Once you are halfway through your path, you can choose Show me the Map from Landing Page to review your status of your total Learning Map.

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