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  • Choose four of the criteria for developing concept explorations. Explain why these are important.

  • Discuss how you can create an environment for young children that promotes using the five senses.

  • How can the five senses be incorporated into everyday learning environments?

  • Using a website of your choice, search for a picture book that is developmentally appropriate. Once you find an appropriate book, create three science centers, and be prepared to share the centers during Seminar.





    Select a valuable science learning station similar to the ones in your text that you can implement in your classroom and include a description of the station. 
    Your description should: 

    • include the age group the activity is geared to: 0–4months, 5–12 months, 2–4 years old, or 5–8 years old 
    • share what the students will do at the station and what you expect them to learn 
    • discuss how to create environments that capture the curiosity and interest of young children and how to incorporate the five senses 
    • Share how you would prepare engaging explorations that focus on different science topics. What are some ways to find out the children’s interests?

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