please read assignment carefullybring print advertisement such billboard magazine ad poster

(PLEASE READ THE ASSIGNMENT CAREFULLY)Bring in a print advertisement such as a billboard, magazine ad, poster, etc. that contains both words and images. Write a 1-2 page (double spaced) description of the advertisement, without using the name of the product being sold (either brand name or product name). For example, if you are describing an advertisement for Kleenex Tissues, you cannot say either Kleenex or Bathroom tissues. If it is an advertisement for Red Bull, don’t say either Red Bull or Energy Drink. For this exercise, your goal is to create a word picture that is as thorough and vivid as possible, so that someone unfamiliar with the product could identify the advertisement you are describing from a collection of similar images or they could re-create the ad based entirely on your description. Describe the sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell of the image being depicted in your advertisement. Be sure to consider color, texture, light and dark, shape, weight, size, temperature, location/distance, and movement.
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