personnel organization policy db 1

The Objective of this Discussion Board is to Construct Performance Standards for a Job, Select Methods of Performance Appraisal, and Develop Appropriate Training for a given need.   Review the Terminal Course Objectives, accessed by clicking on the “Course Information” tab at the top of your screen, scrolling down to the “Course Objectives” and then selecting View class objectives. How will accomplishing these objectives support your success in management? What risks or challenges might a manager encounter if they have not mastered these objectives? Explain.

  • Describe 2 forms of training utilized by that company.
  • Discuss how effective you believe the orientation and training are on employees.
  • Would you recommend a change and if so, briefly how?
    This MUST be Plagiarism Free!!! All Citings where Necessary. AT Least 1 Credible Reference!
    The Text Used For This Class is Human Resource Selection – By Gatewood, Field, Barrick.
    Publisher – Cengage Edition 7
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