participation due today 8 short paragraphs

Please respond casually as if you are having a conversation with the author


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The two types of graphs are helpful in a variety of disciplines.  In particular, mathematicians tend to use line graphs much more often then scatter plots.  Can you think of a discipline that uses more scatter plots than line graphs?



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We use scatterplot graphs and line graphs together to record our progress to our clients.  We have a complicated system of progressing construction and each entry allows for the progress to go up percentage wise.  We have scatterplot points for certain dates along with percentages and line segments that can show if we are on a late schedule or if we are early.  These graphs are presented to our management team and the clients we do work for so that they can have an idea of where each project stands.  If we are on the early schedule then we stand to make more profit, but if we are late then we can end up losing hundred of thousands if not millions of dollars.



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Microsoft Office states that scatter plots are most often used for “displaying and comparing numeric values, such as scientific, statistical, and engineering data” (Microsoft Office, 2012). These types of charts are useful for showing the relationships among the numeric values of data. I believe that medical researchers tend to use scatter plots as a way to show their completed data from any of their studies. The Census Bureau would use the scatter plot to show the population of the U.S. 



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There are many uses for scatterplots by many different companies, agencies and information.  However, the discipline that I was referring to is Statistics.  It is a completely different area of study than mathematics (even though many people think they are the same), and focuses on looking at a variety of data to extrapolate a theory or general idea for the data.  You mentioned the Census and they ways they may use scatter plots.  In addition, some of your classmates also gave some good examples.  Can you think of any examples where you might use a scatterplot in everyday life?



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A line graph tracks changes over a given period of time. The information is easy to read and understand. * A Person could monitor weight gain/loss. If you are attempting the first you would be going from the lower left hand corner to the upper right. If you are attempting the latter, you would be going from the upper left to the lower right. This is just connecting the dots. It would be good to find out which months or holidays have the most sales.



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To me, the scatter point is hard to read. I can see graphing the slope in this to help with showing trends, etc. about something, but it is more difficult to get a good reading when you are just looking at it. The line graph seems simpler to read. Most of the charts that a person reads seem to be in a line graph format. When the points are graphed and the line is drawn you can see the trends so much easier. But, I guess it all depends on the person setting up the information and who reads it. 



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One example of a scatter plot is when a person decides to lose weight. They could incorporate the data into a scatter plot to see how their diet is really coming along. It would show them weeks when they did not do quite as well and went off the dieting. An example of a line graph would be to mark a trend for a weekend crafter who sells their wares at festivals or online. They could enter their sales data for the month against their sales data for the same month the year before and connect their data for both years. This would allow them a visual to see how the sales go.



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One thing we find as we get further along in mathematics is that there are different terms that essentially mean the same thing.  For instance, we use the term “multiply” for most of our young life and then we add in “product” later one (which means the same thing).  The term “x-intercept” has a few synonyms – 3 to be exact.  One of them is a “solution”.  We often find a solution to an equation and that is also the x-intercept.  Can anyone tell the class what the other 2 terms are?

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