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Our assignment for this week seems pretty easy.  However, we have to pay special attention to our topic.  We have to
Reflect on why some products become substitutes and why some are complements. 
                      Example:  hamburger, hamburger buns, and ketchup are
                                      If you always buy big macs at one price but the price rises you                                                       might buy a double quarter pounder as a
substitute for the big mac.
For this reason, Ephraim and Jonathan will address
substitution between a big mac and a quarter pounder.
While José and
María will address the
complements of both hamburgers.
The assignment seems simple enough, we have to make this work and make it look professional, as we always do.  We would each have to write about 150 to 200.
In addition, lets stick to our part.  Ephraim and I will discuss substitution without addressing
complement.  José and
María address
Complement addressing Substitution without. 
My part is María!!!!
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