need someone do me

2. Students may watch four (4) Youtube concerts (2 (Concert 1) due at Midterm) (2

(Concert 2) due at the end of the term). These concerts will be at least an hour in length

but no more than two. Students may choose their own concerts on YouTube, but the

instructor must approve them. Each YouTube concert will count as 50 points apiece. A

300-word essay must accompany each video. To conduct a youtube search simply search

a composer we have studied during the term (i.e. Bach, Beethoven, Beriloz)


Concert 1

Video1 – 300+ word essay

Video 2 – 300+ word essay Both essays have to be turned in at the same time.


Same for Concert 2


I have already completed concert 1. I need someone to do concert 2. Because it will be from youtube and not an actual concert, I have to do two 300 word essays from two of the composers above. (Bach, Beethoven or Berliloz). You must answer the following questions in the essay.


the body of the paper, students need to include the following: Where was the concert?

What genre was it? What did you notice about the performers? Do you know their

backgrounds? What type of music was performed? Do some research on the

composer(s)? Did the performers seem well prepared? Did you like the music they

played? What did you like or dislike about the performance or the music? What was the

audience like? After taking this class, do you think that you would go to a concert on

your own sometime?


Please look under the 

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