more 30 countries around world allow their citizens have dual citizenship however singapor 0

(Introduction) – must be impactful. Attention grabbing. Clear definition. 

(Body) – 1. Research on dual citizenship and analyse under which conditions dual citizenship arises.
              2. Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of dual citizenship from multiple perspectives.
              3. Using research, provide arguments to suggest a position for or against dual citizenship in Singapore.

                – Must say the benefits and its disadvantages
                – Must have the 3 titles supported with reasons

(Conclude) – with your conclusions, make your stand. Choose 1 answer.

How to write your paper:

Write an essay by answering the question on your selected topic.  

Support your answers with research wherever possible.  

Remember to write in your OWN words and to cite your sources appropriately. 

Assignment requirement:
MINIMUM 1100 excluding references.

Proper references must be given.
(Please cite all sources using a recognized referencing style, like the APA or MLA. Sources from Wikipedia will not be accepted. )



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