math150a writing project

Math 150A Writing Project


Students pick a famous mathematician and write a research paper that includes facts related to their biographical information and their contributions to mathematics. Your paper must follow the following format: one inch margins, double spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 pt. font. Also, include a header with your last name and page number in the top right corner. Spelling and grammar will be a part of the grade.


You must hand in a hardcopy of your project and email a softcopy


The project must include each part:

      A) Title and photograph/illustration of mathematician (1 page)

      B) The following sections must be listed in the order stated below (4-6 pages)

* Early Life (date of birth, residence, parents, religion, interests, …)

* Education and Mathematical Discoveries (theorems, formulas, contributions to Calculus, influences/mentors, …) _

* Later Life (date of death, residence, family, …)

* Timeless Contributions to Society, Technology or Humankind (where do these discoveries serve a purpose in today’s world?)


            Note: Section Titles must be underlined and bolded.

     C) Bibliography (at least four sources – do not source Wikipedia) (1 page)


Note: Plagiarism, claiming someone else’s work is your own, is a serious academic offense. Plagiarized work will gain a student zero points on the project and a referral to the Dean’s Office. REMEMBER to document your resources. Copying a website word for word is plagiarism! You must rewrite information in your own words. A separate “Resources” page is required.


Choose one of the following Mathematicians:


Sir Isaac Newton

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Bernoulli Brothers

Isaac Barrow

René Descartes

Pierre de Fermat

Blaise Pascal

John Wallis

Carl Friedrich Gauss


Bernhard Riemann



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