management 77

The criteria for corporate social responsibility suggest that economic responsibilities are of the greatest magnitude, followed by legal, ethical, and discretionary responsibilities. Do you agree? Why or why not? Remember to support your position. (2 paragraphs)


Respond to the following post::  (1 paragraph)

     I do not believe that any of the responsibility, are more significant than the next. I think you need all these factors in place to make a business thrive.  According to slide # 10 in our reading it asked.  What is Corporate Responsibility? Distinguishing right from wrong; Doing right; This is important for several reasons one being By doing right or the right thing your company can stay out of  legal troubles. Good corporate citizenship, and to Make choices that contribute to society and stakeholders According to our readings a company is responsible to produce goods and services that society wants. That is how

companies make a profit, by making products or services that people want and or need.  The sole mission of a business is to increase profits.. Money is the bottom line in all companies that want to survive in the business world. I believe that ethics and discretionary responsibilities are more meaningful. Yes, profits are necessary for your business needs. That is what makes a business prosper, on page 125 of our reading it said that ethical responsibility is doing the right thing, and the legal responsibility is to obey the law. I think that these 2 are the most vital parts in corporate social responsibility.

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