Literature Philosophy paper reading involved

In this assignment you will write an argument paper. In an argument paper you will assert a thesis. In your thesis you will take a stance either in favor of a position or against a position. You will support your position based in the readings of the course or readings that directly related to readings and topics covered in the course.  You may defend your thesis in the following ways:Provide a comparative examination of two or three different possible responses to your thesis and an explanation of why you have chosen to defend one position over the otherProvide a critical analysis of your own position which identifies potential weaknesses in the position and explains what makes that position nevertheless superior in some ways to the others considered; andApply your thesis to an everyday situation, work of fiction or film to demonstrate the merit of your position.Style Guidelines1. The paper must be 5 pages long, typed, double-spaced, in an 11- or 12-point font with reasonable margins.2. The paper must be written in accord with the conventions of Standard Written English. Your paper will be evaluated in part in terms of spelling, grammar, and overall structure.3. You must use direct quotations from the readings assigned in class to support your claims about what the philosophers say and/or believe. Citations should be in either the MLA or Chicago Manual of Style formats.4. Do not assume that the reader of your paper is familiar with what has been read or discussed in this class. Think of your reader as an educated person who, although they may be familiar with philosophy in general, is not necessarily knowledgeable of the texts (or topics) you are discussing in the paper. As such, you should make every effort to explain the ideas you discuss and the quotations you use in straightforward language that generally conveys meaning to your reader.How to write an argument paperArgument paper Cite your work. Work cited page and page numbers accompanying quotes in your paper. Make sure to use at least two quotes.I should know your argument by the third paragraph. Keep it simple. Make one point. The body of your paper should be defending your argument. Do not assume reader is familiar with the literature you are using. Write for a 1st grader. Re-write!!! Key. Most of the time your argument will turn up in your last paragraph. Then you re-write and move it to your first paragraph.How to write an argument paper: promptsThe Signature assignment is an argument paper, which means you have to take a position on a theory or idea you will be presenting. You must form an argument in this assignment.From the works of Epictetus/Stoicism—Epictetus says we are responsible for our own suffering. Why does he think this? And Why does Epictetus think that everything that happens is destined and good?Wrote from reading the following works:

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