Need a response to those answer which are already bold with75-100 words minimum for each questionTotal words: 450-550Chapter 1:Plato’s Allegory of the Cave1. What are some things the allegory suggests about the process of enlightenment or education?(75-100 words min.)AileenEnlightenment and education are not the same if you put them together, the reason why it is because when it comes to education the school limits the knowledge but once you are alone your mind starts to think and imagine a million of things. Though enlightment and education does expand minds which it will create more ideas. In the reading it talked about how you are once in the light they have both perspective and came sense of it all but once he was enlightened he had to go back to the prisoner and share his experience so they can learn and do the same.2. The allegory presupposes that there is a distinction between appearances and reality. Do you agree? Why or why not?(75-100 words min.)Aileen MezquiaIn my opinion I do believe that there is a difference between apperance and reality for example before meeting a person we always judge that person bad or good and we start to think how that can person by the way that they dress, their face expression. The apperance is not always a negative matter it can also be postive. Here is how you can relate it to a postive matter someone who is a millionaire their apperance can look poor but in reality they can be the richest person in the world. People who appeared to act like an millionaire do it to impress other because that is how they feel happy. Not everything you see in the outside is the same once that person opens up to you they can be the happiest person in the world but for all you know they are broken in the inside.Chapter 6: Thomas Hobbes3. Do you think that being self-interested is a bad thing? If so, why? If not, why not?(75-100 words min.)Christian HernandezBeing selfish is not a bad thing. It’s difficult to escape from selfishness all the time we have a survival instinct, which makes us compete and think of ourselves first. So maybe greed is something natural that occurs in human beings, it is not selfishness to love our self, take care of our self, it is the best way to be satisfied because basically, it is to act for your benefit and no one else. Therefore we must be authentic and measure our actions that do not harm others. To be selfish is to decide what we want and be satisfied with our selves first before considering others.4. Compare Christ’s Golden Rule with Hobbes’ Golden Rule. Which do you think is more effective in getting people to obey the laws, and why?(75-100 words min.)Nabeel ZahirChrist’s Golden rule, promotes charity and compassion, whereas Hobbes merely advises against harming others, not out of any concern for their well-being, of course, but purely out of a selfish regard not to be harmed oneself. Although I am a spiritual person and I have a strong belief in Christ’s rule, I do believe Hobbes rule would get more people to obey the law. The textbook itself said that it is out of selfish regard, but the sad truth is that this cruel world is very selfish and people will always try to find ways to benefit themselves and not others.Chapter 7: Nietzsche5. If Nietzsche were alive today, would he describe the contemporary United States as being governed by master morality or slave morality? Explain, and be specific.(75-100 words min.)NabeelIf Nietzsche were alive today he would describe the contemporary United States as being governed by master morality. The master morality has the concepts of self-mastery, pride, physical strength, ambition. The government definitely has these qualities because the United States comes as a strong and free country to the world. The American government had great love and pride in itself. Our country has great strength and military power. In addition, our country can be seen having great ambition and planning for it’s future. Regardless, I still do think our country has a few save morality qualities. For instance, I believe the U.S has the quality of utility and helping others, since the government offers programs and welfare to help people.Chapter 8: Ortega y Gasset6. Do you agree with Ortega’s claim that we are (as of 1929, when he wroteThe Revolt of the Masses) living in what he calls a hyperdemocracy? Explain.(75-100 words min.)In the textbook I learned that Ortega describes a hyper democracy as a kind of majority tyranny in which the mass imposes “its own desires and tastes by material pressure.” I can agree with this because society has put great pressure on people to look a certain way. For example, men tear women down every day but wonder why women are insecure and get cosmetic enhancements. For instance, many women in the black community are made fun of for their beautiful “chocolate” skin, but men wonder why some women bleach their skin. Also, plastic surgery has become very popular and many women in today’s society take part in it. However, my personal story is that when I was younger I was made fun of for my curly hair and fair skin. When I was little guys would always tell me my hair was ugly, and because of my fair skin people would call me a white boy. Eventually, I ended up damaging my hair through using gels and relaxers to try to tame my hair, just so I could look good in guys standards.

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