Literature Describing Imagery literature paper

Hello is there any one that can do a 2 page paper or 750 to 1000 words . The font must be 12 and double spaced. The story is Langston Hughes “Salvation” The story is on the internetSuggestions for possible approaches to Paper No. 1.Notice that you are probably going to write about some change that took place in the life on one of the characters. Since you are dealing with change, you will describe the character’s life in at least two stages: the before and after.A paper describing a character’s change in that way would begin with an introductory paragraph. You would begin with a general discussion of the things that can cause change. Not in detail but just to introduce the idea that you are going to discuss a significant change in someone’s life. You might mention that the appearance of a person new to someone could cause that change. Or you could discuss a physical relocation that could cause change. You could discuss an experience that caused a change. For instance, one could experience or witness behavior that caused a loss of faith, either faith in God or faith in an important person: a teacher, a coach, a boss. The first paragraph should end with a thesis statement: that is, the statement of what you want to prove in the paper. If you are writing about change in imagery as a way the author emphasizes change in one’s life, you would state your thesis: The shift in imagery from descriptions of a cold, damp, gray, smoky world to one of warmth and passion dramatizes the change in Mabel Pervin’s life.After you have made that declaration, you would begin to prove with reference to your text the number of instances in which Lawrence describes the cold, gray world of Mabel at the beginning of the story. It is, for her, a dark, bleak world without hope. You might have a short middle paragraph in which you describe the pond scene in which, after she is rescued by Jack Fergusson, the physician, Mabel’s life changes into one of the hope that comes with love. So the next big paragraph is the one in which you describe all the reference to warmth, heat, passion: the brandy, the warm blankets in which Dr. Fergusson wraps Mabel, the fire he builds to warm her, the hot tears that drop from her eyes, the warmth of her touch. All these images are ways to emphasize the change in her life.The final paragraph, the conclusion, begins with a quick summery of the main points. It moves into a reaffirmation of the thesis, and concludes with a thought-provoking statement: The restatement of the thesis should not be in the exact word, but it should be close. The change in imagery dramatizes the change in Mabel’s life. Then the paper should end with a provocative statement, one that produces more thought: A life without love is indeed a cold, dark, dreary life..

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