Literature critical thinking short essay For Madam Josephine

Using Romeo and Juliet:The AssignmentWrite a critical essay. You must do 3 things in this essay:1.Definelove as presented inoneof the texts we’vediscussed.Also definelove according to your owninterpretation. Clearly identify your definition of loveand the definition of love in the literature you’ve chosen.Do this byelaboratingand using thevocabularywe’ve used in class discussions.2.Analyzeand write clearly about what the story saysabout love, and ground those ideas in thelargercultural context of the work. Does your opinionabout love support or contradict the story’s definition?3.Use textual evidenceto back up your argument. Inother words, use direct quotes, summaries, orparaphrases from the actual stories, and cite themcorrectly according toMLA style documentation.Thelengthof the essay must be at least 500 words

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