Literature Co-curricular Event Report for the Good life class

Here is the description of the Co-curricular Event Report:This year, the College of Liberal Arts and Intellectual Heritage have adopted the theme of “Musicality” as a framework for connecting liberal arts classes with topics of concern in society today. A number events related to this theme have been organized by CLA and IH. In addition, at Temple (as well as other area universities) and in the city at large, there are many events that might connect with our course materials and themes.there are some choices. 1. The Music Room , with Naomi Taback. 2. The Lure  with Izzy Cihak. 3. It Felt Like a Kiss, with Daniel Leonard ( those are the movies that I can choose, just choose one to watch)RequirementsYour job is to attend a co-curricular event organized by the College of Liberal Arts or IH at Temple.* While attending, you should pay attention and take notes, so that you will have some specific material to work with for your paper. In particular, take note of ideas or stories that relate to the things we’ve been discussing in class. You should come away from the event with some specific observations and new ideas that you can use to deepen your understanding of what we are studying in class. If you have difficulty taking notes or remembering everything during the event, in most cases, you should be able to do some extra research to fill in the blanks.In your paper, you will explain how what you learned at the event gave you a better—a broader or deeper—understanding of one of the texts we are reading. Your paper should demonstrate a thorough grasp of at least one major theme, idea, or learning goal of the course. Like your blog posts, there is no fixed form of argument for this assignment: it can be like a story, an essay, or a personal reflection. However, it is important that you engage closely, critically, and creatively with whatever you encounter. Just as in our readings, attention to detail will make your paper stronger. You may wish to do some research into the person or people who spoke, the film you viewed, etc., but I am interested first and foremost in your own observations, reactions, and ideas.You should, however, include the following information in your report:What event did you attend and when was it held? Where (if not at Temple)?What was the general theme of the event or general focus of the story/film?What specific connections did you see between your experience and the materials and/orideas we are discussing in class?Be as precise as possible. Do not summarize the event, talk, or film. Instead, choose specific ideas, moments, or details that you can connect to our class materials. Use these specific observations to compare what you experienced at the event to specific ideas, problems, or questions you’ve encountered in class. Your paper should have a definite focus: it should address a well-defined problem or idea. Avoid generalizations.The paper should be at least 750 words long. Please include references to any outside sources you have consulted, as well as any quotes or paraphrased ideas that are not your own.what I learned in the class: books( the epic of Gilgamesh, socrates) the paper should be related to those stuff.

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