Literature Children’s literature Reading

Review the examples of realistic fiction and historical fiction video read-alouds and the definition of Historical fiction. Summarize the definition of Historical Fiction. Then, reflect on the two video read-alouds and evaluate the quality of each. Evaluate the quality of the Realistic fiction selection using the criteria on page 175 of our text. Evaluate the value of the historical fiction selection using the criteria on page 216. Provide an evaluation on at least three elements for each type of literature (e.g. Setting, Plot, Characters, Theme).Pages 175, 216, and a sample of a reading log are attached to this question. Pages 175, 216 reference is (Johnson, D. (2012). The joy of childrens literature. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning).Also this is the materials to reviewPlease puppy please Lincoln’s Hat Read Alooud

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