list activity or process binomial assumptions

1. List of an activity or the process Binomial assumptions.


2. A hotel chain claiming that only 10% of their clients end up dissatisfied with your stay at the hotel. 8 Guests are selected at random that they have completed their days in the hotel during the last week and asked their level of satisfaction with the stay. Consider that the interview process is


a. Binomial activity and meets the assumptions listed in question 1. The hotel wants to project the following results with respect to the dissatisfaction of the interviewed 8:****


to present the probability distribution of X = number of guests dissatisfied 8 interviewed randomly.


b. likelihood of exactly 4 express dissatisfaction.


c. probability of 4 or less express dissatisfaction (at most dissatisfied 4)


d. probability of 5 or more to express dissatisfaction. (at least 5 dissatisfied)


e. On average, 8 independent guest many expected that they are dissatisfied with the stay? What the variability of X = number of dissatisfied guests, as measured by the standard deviation?


2. In the situation of exercise 2 above, suppose interview 8 randomly selected guests and 5 of them expressed dissatisfaction. Analyze the results a-e of question 2, conclusion arrives over the expressed will of the Hotel that only 10% are dissatisfied. I.e., the result of which 5 of 8 guests express dissatisfaction, does seem in accordance with the claim of the Hotel that only 10% are not satisfied? Justify your answer.*****


Under the claim that only 10% are not satisfied,


3. A program for weight loss ensures that on average are lower µ = 5 lb in the first two weeks of the program, with a variability of ơ = 3 lbs. To project how often relative claims of the participants will be heard, the program postulates the Normal distribution as a model of the low-weight during the first two weeks of participation. You want to determine:****


a probability that the participant lower between 1 and 4 pounds in those two weeks


b. likelihood of downside being 2 or fewer pounds.


c. likelihood of which is down 8 pounds or more.


d. If it is known that participants who fall weight less than 1 pound in those two weeks will ask their money returned, frequency relative (probability) is expected in that group?


e) If you have as objective that more than 70% of the participants get off between 3 and 7 pounds, does it comply with that objective? Show your reply.


f )how many pounds low 10% less weight down?


g) how many pounds low the lowest 1%?


h. What is the low maximum which program would be comfortable to ensure in their ads? Justify your answer based on the Normal model.



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