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What is the purpose of this week’s lab?


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Question 2 of 10
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Does recycling contribute to the release of greenhouse gasses?

Question 3 of 10
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How does the carbon calculator estimate the amount of CO2 that each individual releases into the atmosphere?

Question 4 of 10
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How is the gas mileage calculated?



Question 5 of 10
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What type of information should you enter in the Home Energy section?



Question 6 of 10
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In a typical situation, emissions from which category of activities comprise the largest amount of CO2 release into the atmosphere?


Question 7 of 10
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How many changes are your required to consider in the Reduce Emissions section?

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Question 8 of 10
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In the fuel economy calculator, how is the mpg cost of fuel estimated?


Question 9 of 10
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What is the estimated mpg fuel economy for a 2007 6-cylinder, Automatic 4-spd, Dodge Dakota pickup truck 4 WD?




Question 10 of 10
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What are two goals of the Hybrid Electric System?


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