invasive species research paper 0

Write a well-researched letter to your grandmother that addresses the following key points (allocate 1 – 2 paragraphs for each point): 1. Select one invasive species (such as the lionfish, Asian carp or European green crabs) and describe its native home and role in that environment. Then discuss where it has been relocated to and how it arrived there. 2. Describe the impact the invasive species has had in the new environment (consider its impact on other organisms, the overall food web and the physical environment.) In addition to environmental impacts, also explain any economical impacts this species has had. 3. Explain the current approaches to handling this invasive species (and invasive species in general). 4. Explain your opinion of the current approaches to dealing with invasive species and your uncle’s plan for the holiday menu. You may also recommend other suggestions to dealing with invasive species. *NOTE: Your entire paper, even parts that ask for your opinion, must be well supported by evidence. Having a good number of quality references will help in this regard.
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