individual strengths and problem solving techniques paper

This two-part assignment enables you to reflect on your individual strengths and problem-solving skills as they apply to the group process and decision making.

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper formatted according to APA guidelines. The paper must be organized according to the following categories:

  • Part 1: Individual Strengths and the Group Process
    • Describe a group setting or scenario in which you have worked or of which you are currently a part.
    • What are the strengths and skills that you have brought to this group setting? How have they benefited the group?
    • Are there any drawbacks your strengths and skills have brought to the group? Describe how they have affected the group.
    • How have other group members’ strengths and skills affected the group process?
    • What are some skills you could improve on to foster a more effective group environment? How can you improve these skills?
  • Part 2: Problem Solving Techniques and Group Decision Making
    • What problem solving techniques do you know or use regularly?
    • How do your techniques influence group decisions?
    • What other problem solving techniques could you use when making group decisions?
    • What can you do to develop or improve your problem solving techniques?

API STYLE,   Due on Monday the 9th before midnight

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