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I need help with my Final personal development project.,, It’s two-to-three pages essay.. and due in 12 hours.

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At the beginning of the class, you were asked to identify a goal that could be achieved during the course of the semester as part of learning about personal development planning.  For your final personal development project, we are asking you to develop a personal development plan for the next year, drawing from different topics discussed in class and readings and from your own research. 

Planning for personal development involves identifying S.M.A.R.T. short- and long-term goals, and specific steps to achieve them.  Research also suggests that identifying in advance possible obstacles and ways of addressing them.   We have talked about moving beyond comfort zones, and one way to do this with goals is to have a three part goal where you identify the best possible outcome (though it would require a real stretch for you); a very satisfying outcome (requiring effort, but entirely doable given your current resources); and an acceptable outcome (taking into consideration the possibility of unforeseen circumstances like illness or a change in your resources).  As an example, the ideal might be to find a high paying position at one’s preferred company after graduation; a very satisfactory alternative might be to gain an entry level position at the company with room for advancement or another position in the same field at a different company; an acceptable alternative might be to find an internship in your field of choice that could be a springboard to highly desired position at some later point. 

1)      List at least 1  3-part long-term goal (i.e., from ideal to very satisfying to acceptable) (2 points) and at least 1 short-term goal (2 points) in the area of self and personal well-being.  For each goal, list at least two specific steps you will take to achieve the goal  (2 points) and at least 1 possible obstacle along with how you will address the obstacle (2 points).  (8 points total)

2)      Do the same exercise, but in the area of social or relational well-being. (8 points total)


In discussing your goals, be sure to discuss relevant class readings or research you have done for earlier SR assignments or Personal Develop Projects (4 points) 

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