i have project dealing accounting i am willing pay 50 dollars have assignment done

I have a project dealing with accounting. I am willing to pay 50 dollars to have this assignment done by next Thursday. The Individual Project is designed to help students understand the basics of accounting I especially if the student plans to become an accountant or even if the student plans to work for a small, medium, or large firm as an accountant. You as individuals will select a company to report. You will get the company you have chosen approved by me, and no two people will or should have the same company. As this is an individual paper, each of you is expected to work to develop your company’s strategy on paper which contains six (6) different components. These components are: (1) Executive Summary (2) Long Term Assets (3) Contributed Capital (4) Long Term Liabilities (5) The Statement of Cash Flows (6) Closing Summary. The paper should flow as follows: (APA Format is the only format that should be used for the entire paper) 1.) The Executive Summary – Present the company, after you have selected a company, and give a brief background of the company. Also, place information about the components which will be discussed within the paper. This component should not exceed 500 words. 2.) The Long Term Assets – Discuss long–term assets, and explain the management issues related to them. Discuss the differences between capital expenditures within the company and revenue expenditures within the company and explain the cost of property, plant and equipment. Identify those issues which present problems for the company and identify and discuss those issues related to accounting for intangible assets, including research and development costs and goodwill. This component should be no less than 900 words. 3.) The Contributed Capital – Discuss and explain the management issues related to contributed capital. Identify and discuss the components of stockholders’ equity and identify the characteristics of preferred stock and discuss this issue. Discuss the issuance of stock for cash and other assets and account for treasury stock. This component should be no less than 900 words. 4.) The Long-term Liabilities – Discuss the management issues related to long-term debt and describe the features of a bond issue and the major characteristics of bonds. Discuss how bonds are recorded and issued at face value. Discuss the retirement of bonds and the conversion of bonds into stocks. This component should be no less than 500 words or more. 5.) The Statement of Cash Flows – Discuss and describe the principal purposes and uses of the statement of cash flows, and identify its components. Discuss and explain the indirect method to determine cash flows from operating activities. Discuss the cash flows from investing and financing activities. This component should be 700 words or more. 6.) The Closing Summary – Summarize all information. Discuss what your business will do to remain competitive. This component should be no less than 500 words. ***Please google your company to find this information and base your discussions on the information the company has provided. You will need to research and read to make this project successful.
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