human resources 54

Key Outline


Listed below is the information needed to complete outline.


Selecting the right person is a balance of considering all aspects of an applicant from an analysis of past experience, application, and interview responses.

As a human resources professional, discuss with your coworkers how a hiring manager can select the best candidates for a position that matches the needs and culture of an organization.

  • Discuss the process for developing interview questions for an accounts payable clerk, including guidance for determining appropriate questions
  • Develop 3–5 questions that you believe are most important to ask for this position.
  • Discuss the sequence of activities that are involved in hiring an accounts payable clerk.
  • Explain the data that should be included in a job analysis of that position.
  • Describe how job analysis becomes a position description.
  • Describe how the human resources professional guides the selecting supervisor in applying good selection criteria to choose the best candidate.
  • Discuss the process for establishing pay rates for different positions within an organization.
  • Explain how strategic compensation ties to the organizations’ strategic HR goals.
  • Describe the options an organization has in determining ranges and rates for pay.
  • Describe the components of a complete performance management system.
  • Discuss how a performance management system supports employee motivation and contributes to maximizing company performance and competitive advantage.
  • Provide examples of how employee motivational techniques can maximize employee contributions.
  • What services does staffing provide to job candidates, new employees and their managers?

    What types of training and development programs are available to employees?

    What bases or types of pay are used in the organization’s compensation strategy?

    What benefits will the new employee receive?

    How does the organization evaluate the performance of employees?

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