human resource economics

Project topic:

As a consultant you are reporting to a large scale manufacturing business (with factories in Singapore and/or internationally). You are asked to provide a report detailing findings from the economic literature on the effectiveness of singnalling techniques in generating improved business outcomes. How effective signalling benefit the organisation? Considering the cost of signalling techniques used by the firm, in what ways it is better off than the firms who do not signal? Recommend at least two techniques by which you think that the firm can imporove its signalling outcome.


*Question is also in the attachment*


Hi Tutors,

This is a Human Resource Economics module and need to write a project of 2500 words (No more than 2500 words). A professional consulting report. Must treat it as you are the consultant giving advises to the management. Must use a manufacturing company. Example: Samsung, Phillips, Apple, Toyota, an automobile company which is a worldwide well known manufacturer. (Just a few sentences about the company will do. Basically what the company does. A short introduction of the company will do)


Findings MUST includes:

-Econs literature: Concepts and Theories on effectiveness of signalling techniques in generating improved business outcomes. (use textbooks, journals, articles to find it)

-Signaling, Screening and Self-Selection (Definitions)

-Effectiveness and Benefits (How to apply signaling to the company)

-Cost of Signaling (include as well screening if necessary)

-Cost vs Benefits

-Recommend at least two techniques by which you think that the firm can improve its Signaling outcome. (Use Probationary pay structure + others)



Format for the report

– Executive Summary (1 page)

-Table of contents (depends on sub-headings)



-Cost of signal, if possible link up to screening (for example: when to signal and when to screen?)

-Benefits to organisations

-2 techniques


-Appendices includes References (20 references), if necessary please include Tables/graphs/diagrams 

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