homework due 3 hrs 1

Research Paper two pages

Carefully read chapter 1 in themgmt6 textbook to learn about the definition and types of management. Each of you should research a career in which you are interested. ( I am interested in finance ) the research should focus on the skills necessary to succeed in this career: technical, human, and conceptual skills. You can use secondary sources or interview people who currently have these careers. You should then share what you have found in a brief paper. Include your practical experiences, in applicable go to the jobs website of Google at http://www.google.com/about/careers for a primary source of research.


Chp1/ http://www2.uhv.edu/singhb/MGMT3303/PPT/MGMT6%20CH01.pdf

1-2 pages

1 inch margins

double spaced

cover page with the topic and name

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