history 17401827 2


o   “Profile:  Nzinga Mbemba (Affonso I) of Kongo”

o   “Profile:  Olaudah Equiano”

o   “Profile:  Ayuba Suleiman Diallo of Bondu”

o   “Profile:  Anthony Johnson”

o   “Profile:  Elizabeth Freeman”

·        Read the profile carefully.

·        Write a brief review of the profile. Include the following elements:

o   A brief summary of the profile [1 paragraph]

o   A brief discussion addressing the following question: What does the individual’s life story teach us about the time period in which he or she lived? [1 to 2 paragraphs]

o   A brief discussion addressing the following questions: What aspects of the individual’s life story speak to you? Is there a moral to the story that might be relevant to modern society? [1 paragraph]

·        Your review should be approximately 225 words long (225 words=approximately 1 page, double spaced).

·        Include your name and the title of the profile. Cite all quotes.





Read Chapters 1- 5 and pay particular attention to the section called “VOICES: Boston Slaves Link Their Freedom to American Liberty” in Chapter 4. Once all reading is complete, respond to the following:

·        What is the object of this petition?

·        What Enlightenment principles does the petition invoke?

·        What is the significance of the slaves’ vow to go to Africa if freed?

You are required to submit an initial posting that addresses the items above. You are also expected to respond to the posting of at least one other student. Your response should address why you agree/disagree with their posting.  




Required Text Book: Hine, D., Hine, W., & Harrold, S. The African-American Odyssey 6th edition

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