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Harris (1966) measured the number of genotypes at the alkaline phosphatase locus in the English population. These are three alleles, designated F, I, and S (for fast, intermediate, and slow mobility in an electrophoretic apparatus). SS SF FF SI FI II 141 111 28 32 15 5 1. what are the observed frequencies of the six genotypes? 2. what are the observed allele frequencies for the three alleles? 3. what are the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium frequencies of the genotypes? 4. what are the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium frequencies of the allele? 5. what is the total observed heterozygosity (i.e. the frequency of all heterozygotes)? 6. what is the total heterozygosity at the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium? 7. Compare the observed and equilibrium heterozygosities. Does this suggest to you any departures from hardy-Weinberg conditions, and if so, what kind of departure?
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