green business class wal mart sustainability and green business research paper





 1 Final Individual Research Paper 


 Final Individual Project/Research Paper (30%) (10 pages) + the sources pages APA style 

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate knowledge of sustainability principles, policies and practices. Students will conduct research and apply skills on integrating these “green business” concepts and techniques while working on developing recommendations for businesses. 


1. Choose a company (the company your work for or any company of your interest) 

2. Conduct research: collect information on the company’s current policies and practices that fall into sustainability framework. 

 Does the company issue a sustainability report? What major sustainability-related issues does the report cover? Pay special attention to the supplier partnerships and supply chain management policies. 

 (!) Firms’ websites do not contain sufficient information. Use Pearson Library’s research databases, such as ‘GreenFile’ and ‘GREENR’, for searching primary source documents, publications, business reports, etc. 


3. Perform your analysis. The scope should include the following areas: 

 Employee-related activities 

 Business operations 

 Facilities and Sites 

 Products and Services 


Tip: refer to the examples of primary and support activities provided in the lectures (the framework adapted from the article by Porter and Kramer “Strategy and Society” HBR, 2006) 

4. Provide your suggestions on what issue(s) the company has to address (e.g., inconsistency in policies, or reporting, or value chain management, etc.) and why. If appropriate, support your suggestions by referring to exemplary policies/approaches implemented by other companies (supported by references). 2 

2 Final Individual Research Paper 


Suggested Format: 


Provide general information on the whole company and business unit you choose to analyze (max 3 pages) 

Analysis of current policies and activities 

See page 1, sections 2- 3 for more details 

Proposed activities/measures for building sustainable business model 

Choose format that best delivers your messages and suggestions 


Your judgment on the importance of the issues discussed and solutions proposed (max 2 pages) 

 Citation style: APA 

No palagiarism I will check it to make sure. 

 The main body of your paper (Introduction, Analysis, Proposed Activities, Conclusion) should not exceed 15 pages, given the format Times New Roman 12 at 1.15-1.5 spacing 

I will attach the sources that you need for the paper if it miss some information that needed then use two more from webs. 



Points Breakdown: 


Very Good 



150 – content, scope of conducted research; variety of sources used; challenges and issues based on factual material 

100 incorporation and application of the course concepts

20 – organization and clarity of thought process, effective expression; citation style 

30 – supporting pictures, diagrams or charts; grammar and spelling; meeting deadlines 

Students closely follow the instructions for this assignment. 

They not only clearly demonstrate comprehension of the assignment, but they also display flawless coherence, conciseness, relevance and insightfulness. They demonstrate fluency and proficiency in using the concepts and theories addressed during the coursework and their proper application. 

Students closely follow the instructions for this assignment. 

They demonstrate comprehension of the assignment. Their work shows some room for improvement concerning coherence, conciseness, relevance and insightfulness: e.g., limited research sources, etc. 

The paper contains a few errors, may lack a structure, and require further in-depth analysis. 

Students largely follow the instructions for the assignment. 

Their comprehension of the assignment is not complete. Their work shows considerable room for improvement concerning coherence, conciseness, relevance, depth, insightfulness, writing style. 

Students do not follow the instructions for the assignment and/or are not sufficiently capable of presenting their ideas in a concise, coherent, relevant and insightful manner. Connections between ideas/thoughts/information are poorly made and cannot be well understood; lack of structure in material delivery. 

Total Points /% 

270-300 (27-30%) 

240-269 (24-26.9%) 

210-239 (21-23.9%) 

<210 (21%) 

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