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Read the following case study and write a 1-2 page summary based on the prompts that follow.

Brian Johnson is a resident of Florida. His bank only operates in Florida. He and his wife are on vacation in Michigan for the summer. They see the perfect vacation house to purchase. They make an offer on the house, and the offer is accepted. In the days leading up to closing, Mr. Johnson, realizes that he does not have access to the $120,000 necessary to close on the house.


What do you think about Brian Johnson’s situation? How does he resolve this issue? Include the following information in your case study summary:


  • An overview of Brian Johnson’s case.
  • Key Issues or Problems.
  • Alternatives that Brian Johnson can consider.
  • A potential solution to Brian Johnson’s dilemma.
  • Your conclusion on the case study.
  • Your paper should include a minimum of four sources.
  • Make sure that you format your paper and cite your sources in APA formatting style
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