Type a 5–7 page (1500-2000 word) paper on one of the following questions. Be sure to answer what the question asks and include bibliographical materials. Make your paper as clear, succinct and accurate as possible and proofread! Try to defend your reading and your own views with cogent explanations and arguments. Spend at least one page explaining your own position.


While the U.S. Supreme Court has decided in favor of it, same-sex marriage continues to be controversial in this country. Analyze Robert George’s criticisms of legalizing same sex marriage, as well as Angela Bolte’s defense of societal legal recognition of same-sex marriage. In your discussion, note when natural law arguments, utilitarian arguments or human rights are the main justification. Do any pros or cons remain unexplained by George or Bolte? Where do you stand in this public debate, and why? (The George and Bolte articles are available in the link to this assignment.)

Book Used in class…..

Nina Rosenstand, The Moral of the Story. 7th ed. (McGraw Hill, 2012)

Also I attaches the link

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