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Audio- Narrative:Visit any of the following story-telling program websites. Select an episode by theme or air date and listen to the entire program. Most episodes contain three stories and an episode lasts about an hour. Write a summary and reaction of the entire episode, taking care to identify the storyteller as well as key plot points.


The Moth radio hour

Snap Judgment

This American Life


The General Formula for a successful reading response is this: Summary + Analysis+ Student Response. The Summary portion should give a synopsis: identify the author, the title of the work you are addressing, a thesis and the relationship, or relationships to any themes and note what they are and which points in the essay lead you to your decision. Specifically, give examples from the text, both paraphrased and as a direct quotation. Always cite source. Next, Analyze the text by contextualizing, deconstructing- what is the purpose of this writing, what messages exist within it and what effects does it have on its field or audience? After you have critically responded, add your personal response as a reader.  The Response portion can be an extension of the argument, agreement or challenge to the argument, opinion using real life examples or prior knowledge.

 You should be able to analyze the readings, pinpoint the relevant factors and share your thoughts in just a few paragraphs (a few by definition, means more than two), but be thorough. Be mindful while you are reading and the connection(s) will become evident as you go along. This text block totals 507 words, including title and this sentence. An appropriate length is between 600-1,000 words: about a page and a half to two pages, single space. If there is less, you may have not given enough thought to analysis or synthesis.



Reading Responses are to be titled Reading Response #___ (fill in the appropriate number). Center this heading.  They are to be typed in 12pt font, single space, using a reasonable font. 

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