engl202 draft3 1200 words

DRAFT 3 (75 points)


For this draft, you may choose between the genres of fiction and creative nonfiction. Whichever genre you choose, you should focus on developing a suggestive setting and interesting story. Remember to also include other elements of creative writing: imagery, voice, and character.


• If you select to write fiction, create a complete short story with conflict for your character that can reach a resolution.


• If you select to write creative nonfiction, create a personal essay about a moment from your life where you “knew more” at the end than you did at the beginning.


For this draft, your prose should be no fewer than 1,200 words, double-spaced. The writing should be in 12-point Times New Roman font. Type your name in the upper left-hand corner. Center your original title below your name.


Save your draft as a Microsoft Word file and post it in the Workshop 2 Discussion Board area during Session 8. See the Workshop assignment in the Draft 3 folder for more information on the workshop process. After receiving workshop responses during Session 9, you will be expected to revise your draft and submit a revised version (also during Session 9). Target the criteria on the evaluation table at the end of this file. The draft you post to the Workshop 2 area is worth 10 points; the workshop responses you complete are worth 30 points; your revised draft is worth 75 points.


As you revise your draft, follow these steps:


  • Carefully review the comments you received from peers in the peer review.
  • Review other papers and comments in your small group. Look for what others have said in the peer review board that could also apply to your project. Because everyone is working on the same project, no one should say, “I didn’t get good feedback on my paper, so I had no idea what to do for the revision.” Find and apply the best feedback given in your group!
  • Consider what suggestions you will follow and what suggestions you will not follow. You are responsible for the creative decisions you make in preparing your final version. No one should say, “I did everything my peers suggested, so the paper should be perfect now.”
  • Brainstorm ideas for incorporating some of the feedback/suggestions. This may include doing a freewrite around a scene or character, adding a new paragraph or cutting a paragraph, or rearranging the order of your material,
  • Your final version of the paper should demonstrate at least 25% new or substantially changed writing.
  • Do a final proofreading polish, looking for typos and grammatical or formatting issues. Observe the conventions of Standard English (unless you break the rules for a discernible, justifiable artistic reason).
  • Save your revised draft with a new name as a Microsoft Word file, and submit it using the appropriate link in the Session 9 folder.





Draft 3 Rubric



Points Possible

Draft follows instructions and meets required length.


Draft contains a suggestive setting and interesting story. Draft also shows evidence of other elements of creative writing: imagery, voice, and character.


Draft shows effort and creativity in theme, topic, or approach.


Draft is free of errors.







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