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Please read entire assignment before offering to do the assignment. Be sure you can complete the assignment correctly and be able to follow all of the directions alone with the this assignment. Please include the questions below in the essay as well. Please let me know if you need further information to complete this assignment. 


Directions: Write a 500 to750 word “Psychology for Life Paper in GCU style. Please include 2 to 3 references from the readings or videos for this week. Apply appropriate citations in the body of the paper. Look at examples in the Writing Center or the Purdue OWL to assist you. 


Use the questions below to help outline you paragraphs


What did the self-assessment tell you about your level of stress? Were you surprised by the results? Explain.

How does stress impact the body? Do you recognize “signs” of stress?

The readings for this Module discuss the relationship between motivation, emotion, and stress. After taking the quiz do you have a new perspective on this dynamic? Describe some times that your motivation and emotion have been affected by stressors in your life.

Describe 2 ways that you can change stress symptoms you notice

Describe how psychology is applicable to everyday life. Discuss topics such as relationships with others, work, school, etc. How might understanding psychology help you in your everyday life?



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