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Final Output – PowerPoint Presentation supported by research and descriptive notes Research, investigate, analyze and learn about an economic topic which has relevance in the UAE and then share your findings with your classmates in the form of a professional presentation. Prepare a presentation of approximately 8-12 slides and 10 minutes in length. Creativity and imagination along with excellent clarity and organization will enhance your grade. You will be evaluated on both the style and substance of your presentation. You are expected to provide an interesting presentation, but also to pay attention and learn from your classmates. Although a written report is not required, this does not mean research and development is not important. The presentation is meant to be a synthesis of a collection of information. Project Requirements • Selecting a topic: Since economics is a wide field, the range of topics are substantial. There are literally thousands of options such as: Looking into a particular company, sector or industry, learning about a specific economic topic like exchange rates, delving into relationships with partner countries, future strategies, etc. However, you need to be specific enough to make the subject relevant. In other words, you cannot just say “I want to investigate UAE exports”, but instead you could choose UAE exports to China over the last decade and its impact on UAE residents. • If you want to focus only on Abu Dhabi, that is also an option. You may, for example, want to compare Abu Dhabi to Dubai on some economic topic, such as tourism. • Topics will be approved on a first-come-first served basis. If duplicate topics are submitted, whoever emails their topic first will get approval, others will be asked to modify the topic or select a new one. • Your presentation must include at least 3 different qualified sources. Qualified sources include journals, periodicals, news and financial websites and recent reports. An interview with a qualified individual can also qualify as an excellent source. o At least 1 or more of these sources must be an article or data from 2013. o Include at least 2 or more charts/graphs with relevant data. • Make your references clear in the presentation and also include a Bibliography in the appendix. [The bibliography slide is considered an appendix and not included in the total slide count.] • Organization is important: Make sure you have an introduction, body and conclusion to your presentation. • The project should do more than present facts. You should have questions that need answering. I also expect you to discuss the various implications (both positive and negative) of economic situations. How will this affect people and businesses in the UAE? What does this mean for the future of the UAE? • More than anything, I want evidence that you have searched for information, organized your thoughts and learned something new! • You must also submit your slide notes. This will be a brief description of each slide. This will be helpful to help you prepare for your presentation. The slide notes are not expected to be in essay format, but rather a chance to explain your material and ideas. Utilize the slide note format provided. Possible Topics. (you may choose your own) • Trade between UAE and (a country of your choice). • Tourism growth. (could be Abu Dhabi or Dhabi specific). • Free Zones (or pick one Free Zone) • The Big Mac Index and PPP (exchange rates) • Employment in the UAE • Minimum wage- economic arguments for and against • Emiratization and its effect on unemployment. • Abu Dhabi 2030 vision • Oil industry in UAE • Ecommerce in the Government sector • UAE economy compared to (a country of your choice) Examples of acceptable media, research and publication sources (there are many others): (Good for Abu Dhabi focus)

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