development shopping basket your are required provide application using visual basic provide

Development of a Shopping Basket Your are required to provide an application using Visual Basic to provide a solution for a contents counter (the requirement is to measure calories, sugars, fat, saturates etc.) for up to three items selected from a list of five. The items must be commonly available in one of the more popular supermarkets of Sainsburys, Tescos, Morrisons or Waitrose. You will be able to identify the required contents of each item, as these are clearly labelled on each product available in the supermarket. You must design your application so that it appropriately uses drop down boxes to select and calculate the measuring requirement(s) as stated above. You are only required to submit the solution folder on a CD. There is no need to provide any further information. You will be assessed on your solution exhibiting many of the lessons learnt, as appropriate, from this module. You will be asseessed on the creativity in design, complexity achieved in development; range and completeness of programming used in your understanding of the scenario.
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